Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. Our non-profit partners provide valuable expertise, resources, and opportunities, all of which contribute to the success of Xavier University student-athletes. We work with our non-profit partners to identify meaningful engagement opportunities that student-athletes can use their platforms to amplify the reach of our partners. We provide these opportunities at no cost to our non-profit partners.




The mission of 1N5 is to prevent suicide by erasing the stigma of mental illness and promoting optimal mental wellness. 1N5 is focused on making a difference in how we talk about mental health. Our youth are in crisis, with 20% of youth ages 13-18 living with a mental health condition. Join us to START the conversation, together we can make a positive difference and STOP the stigma surrounding mental health issues. 

Varner Foundation

Kids being fostered have so many needs that are necessary but, are not in the scope of traditional programs or those programs simply don't have the budget to support the needs. The Varner Foundation takes referral from its "trusted partner" organizations to help stand in the gap so... Great foster parents can keep fostering; Kinship caregivers can keep their families together; And older foster youth can move towards self-sufficiency

The Friars Club

The Friars Club, a Catholic, Franciscan ministry, develops valuable life skills in our youth through sports, education, and leadership programming to enrich their lives and our community.

Behind the Jersey

The series takes a look inside the lives of Xavier Basketball student-athletes and how they connect to the mission of our non-profit partners. The kick-off was held prior to post-season in 2023. Moving forward, the series will feature a non-profit spotlight. The student-athletes featured in the episode will each reflect on a current snapshot of how the season is going and share what their connection is to the mission of the non-profit spotlight.

Behind the Jersey: Series Kick-Off

Check out the full conversation with three Men’s Basketball student-athletes from February 2023! We’re grateful for the opportunity to start the conversation around mental health with Executive Director Nancy Eigel-Miller of 1N5, Adam Baum and three Xavier Men’s Basketball student-athletes.

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Behind the Jersey: Season 2, Episode 1

1N5 returned to kick off our Behind the Jersey series for the 2023-24 season and promote the Warrior Run. Check out Adam Baum and some new and returning faces of the team as they preview the 2023-24 season!

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