From the MCC, to the A-10 and now the Big East, the profile of Xavier Athletics has grown over the years to one of national recogniation. With each step, Xavier Nation has responded, helping fuel that growth to the national stage.

The next part of our growth is a step that includes Name, Image and Likeness (NIL). 

Those who invest in FINAL 2% trust us to connect community-minded student-athletes who want to use their platform and shine their spotlight on organizations throughout Greater Cincinnati. Xavier student-athletes have the opportunity to leverage the power of their NIL to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. We are dedicated to honoring the integrity of the Xavier Way and are committed to complying with all NCAA, conference, state, and federal regulations related to NIL or any other area.

Since 2004, Xavier Men’s Basketball has achieved the following success:


Since 2001, Xavier Women’s Basketball has achieved the following success:

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There are three ways to support the FINAL 2%

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FINAL 2% affiliated with Xavier University or the Athletics Department?

While FINAL 2% is the official collective for Xavier Athletics, current rules and legislation prohibit FINAL 2% from being affiliated directly with Xavier University.  We do work closely with and are aligned with the University on name, image, and likeness and associated regulations, including compliance and disclosure elements. We will comply with all NCAA, conference, state, and federal regulations related to NIL or any other area.

What is Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)?

NIL is terminology frequently used to describe a legal concept known as “right of publicity.” Right of publicity involves situations where permission is required of a person to use their name, image (e.g., a picture or video), or likeness (e.g., a cartoon, avatar, or sculpture); the requirement of permission also means that the person whose name, image, or likeness (NIL) is being used may be compensated for it.

Why is Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) important?

The introduction of name, image, and likeness (NIL) compensation to student-athletes is one of the most significant changes in college athletics history. And we are only in the early stages.

The Ohio Executive Order signed on June 28, 2021 permits student-athletes attending institutions in Ohio to earn compensation (money, goods or services) in exchange for participating in NIL activities.

NIL refers to a student-athlete authorizing a person or entity to use their name, image or likeness and, in return, receiving compensation. Previously, the NCAA prohibited student-athletes from earning compensation in this manner (e.g., a student-athlete could not appear in local car dealership commercial).

The fundamental concept behind NIL was to give student-athletes the same income earning opportunities as other students.


This philosophical change is the new reality of college athletics. In order for Xavier Basketball to remain competitive nationally and within the Big East, we must be relevant in the NIL space.

Why is FINAL 2% needed? Can’t I just donate to the University?

Per current NCAA rules, Xavier University is prohibited from providing compensation in exchange for the use of a student-athlete’s name, image, or likeness. Only independent individuals, entities, organizations, businesses, or not-for-profits can pay student-athletes for NIL.

FINAL 2% was formed to allow fans from across the globe to pool investments and assemble their money in a common portfolio that is managed to the benefit of Xavier athletic programs. 

Philanthropy is the lifeblood of Xavier student-athletes, and we encourage all fans to maintain their current level of philanthropic support for the All For One Fund or the University to advance the University and the athletic programs while supporting FINAL 2%.

Is my financial contribution tax deductible?

FINAL 2% is a 501(c)(3) charitable entity and contributions are typically tax deductible. Because every individual’s circumstance is different, we still encourage you to consult with appropriate tax professionals when filing your tax returns.

How do my financial contributions go to the student-athletes?

Your contributions are invested in student-athletes who are making a meaningful impact throughout our community. FINAL 2% collaborates with local organizations and not-for-profits, with student-athletes providing awareness, promotional, and marketing efforts for the organizations. Student-athletes are paid directly by FINAL 2% for their work.

Does every student-athlete receive the same compensation?

No. Each student-athlete is compensated based on the specific work done for our partner organizations. For example, a student-athlete who works events or participates in engagement experiences may earn more compensation than a student-athlete who posts on social media. The academic schedules, athletic schedules, as well as the needs of our not-for-profit partners for each student-athlete vary, so availability may also vary from one month to the next.

What percentage of contributions go to student-athletes?

FINAL 2% keeps expenses to a minimum and currently, more than 95% of the available funds go to Xavier student-athletes. This could change slightly as FINAL 2% incurs new expenses, but rest assured we want to operate as efficiently as possible and maximize the impact of our student-athletes and donations.

What are the NCAA rules regarding NIL?

In general, NIL activities are permitted as long they follow these four guidelines: (1) There must be “quid pro quo” associated with any NIL deal (a student-athlete must perform an activity in order to receive compensation); (2) the activity performed by the student-athlete cannot be tied to athletic performance (e.g., score 20 points, win a game, or receive a “player of the week” award) or enrollment at a specific school; (3) the activity cannot be tied to or involve any sort of recruiting inducement (e.g., an agreement for a student-athlete to commit to the university); and (4) institutions cannot provide compensation to student-athletes. 

NCAA rules also require that student-athletes abide by any state laws and institutional policies.

All compensation provided by FINAL 2% will ensure there is adequate quid pro quo attached to the NIL deal and require a student-athlete to do an activity to receive compensation.

Does FINAL 2% pay players that are hurt or not performing well?

Yes, since Final 2% does not pay for performance, recruitment, or achievement of goals, if the player can complete the activities needed by our community partners, they will be compensated.

How is FINAL 2% funded?

FINAL 2% is made possible by our supporters — America’s most passionate college basketball fans — Xavier Nation! Your contributions are invested in student-athletes who are making a meaningful impact on athletic programs and our community.

How much money does FINAL 2% need?

FINAL 2%’s goals align with those of Xavier Athletics – basketball programs that compete for Big East championships. With this in mind, FINAL 2% needs to raise enough money to support the Men’s and Women’s basketball programs and their objectives. 

This is determined by benchmarking with other collectives, talking with player agents, and discussions with current student-athletes and coaches. Ultimately, we would like enough money to meet our obligations, along with building for the future.

How is the money in FINAL 2% invested?

We hope to get into the position where we are investing in equities, but for now, we have our money in a fairly liquid state invested conservatively to protect the money we receive. Once we get ahead of our obligation needs, we will invest a bit more aggressively but continue to keep things pretty conservative to protect the value of your donations.

Does FINAL 2% support local not-for-profits?

Yes! FINAL 2% coordinates with local not-for-profits and identifies opportunities for student-athletes to support community endeavors. FINAL 2% compensates the student-athletes for their work at no expense to the organization being served

Does FINAL 2% help recruit prospective student-athletes?

No. NCAA rules related to the involvement of boosters in recruiting activities have changed recently allowing boosters to talk with prospective recruits, however, FINAL 2% does not engage in the recruiting process. 

We do not communicate (e.g., call, text, direct message) with a prospective student-athlete (PSA), a prospect’s family, or others affiliated with the prospect for a recruiting purpose or induce the PSA to attend Xavier. 

Does FINAL 2% support all athletic programs?

Today, FINAL 2% is focused primarily on Men's and Women's Basketball. As the NIL landscape continues to evolve, we continue to evaluate opportunities to incorporate additional athletic programs.

Donors can earmark their gifts to either Men’s Basketball or Women’s Basketball.

Can my support facilitate NIL opportunities for other sports?

We support Xavier student-athletes with a focus on Men's and Women’s Basketball. We consider which student-athletes have the largest platforms to reach and elevate the awareness of our not-for-profit partners when requesting athletes for engagement opportunities. As the rapidly changing landscape of NIL continues to evolve, we will continue to expand our reach. 

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